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For over 7 years I have been working every day as a web developer ... ok, almost every day. But web design is my daily bread. During this time I have built many successful websites, logos or business cards. My clients vary from individuals through small and medium sized enterprises to big companies. Let’s have a look at some that will convince you that I'm the best web developer for your project!

Web design

Blog for a Money Coach Evelyn Bidenko

Business cards

Business card for a Money Coach Evelyn Bidenko.

Web design

Set of 4 websites for Armstrong Services London

Business cards

Business cards for Armstrong Services London

Web design

Simple home page of Armstrong Services London

Web design

New portal of hotels inw the Czech Republic

Web design

Photogallery for professional photographer Tomáš Brázdil

Responsive website

Adding responsive features to the older websites of B&B Zuhansta, Pilsen, CZE

Any question about your websites?

Please feel free to ask me anything regarding your website. I'll be very happy to give you an advice on: how to fix an issue; how to push your website to a better position; How to set up online campaign; how to pick up right keywords for SEO or generally anything about web design.

Just complete the details as thoroughly as possible in form below and click the send button.

How much does a website cost?

To say, how much a new website costs, is very hard even impossible without knowing the basic requirements from the client and having the elementary knowledge of the business. Anyone who is looking for a new website has different requirements and there are many aspects that must be taken into account in order to create a successful website.

What can I do for you now? I can give you a price range of websites I have built. But it is very wide a range from £190 to £5400. Did it help you? Maybe yes, maybe no. So, I can help you a little bit more, if you tell me what exactly you are looking for... And don't worry, there isn't any obligation and ... I don't bite...